Young, productive and committed workforce

Investors certify that Salvadoran labor force is world-famous for its industriousness, efficiency, and work ethic.

El Salvador’s labor force is composed of 2.9 million people2, 54% of whom is 40 years or younger.

Thus, it offers a highly productive labor force capable of developing new skills in a short period of time.

The country’s labor force is qualified as ideal for manufacturing, agro-industrial and service activities.

Furthermore, there is a growing population with higher education that can face the challenges of a modern and globalized economy.

Labor force
Under 40 years
We now say to the world that the Salvadoran human capital is capable of servicing aircraft maintenance for world renowned airlines. Our people have made this dream possible. They are the main pillar and heart of our company and their commitment to quality is what makes us big and get farther.
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Roberto Kriete
President of the board of directors of AEROMAN (Aeronautics sector)
We chose to invest in El Salvador to be able to repay the trust and legal security it offers. But the most important is our Salvadorean human capital for being faithful and committed.
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Malvina Romero
General Manager of Biogalenic (Pharmaceutical sector)
Almost a decade ago when we were considering countries around the world, we discovered El Salvador’s potential. We have been very pleased with the work ethic, communication skills, formal training, and soft skills of our Salvadoran employees.
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Logan McCune
People and Culture Manager of Rulesware (ITO)

Good labor climate

El Salvador’s Labor Code balances the protection and rights of workers with the flexibility that employers require to manage their businesses and create jobs. El Salvador is characterized for having good employer-worker relationships. It has not been affected by significant disputes or strikes.

Availability of technicians and professionals

El Salvador has a good base of technicians and professionals ready to join the country’s productive sectors.

Specialized technical education

Investors can satisfy their demand of technicians through a pool of institutes specialized in technical education, such as:

  • MEGATEC (Gradual Education Learning Model of Technical and Technological Education), with locations in Santa Ana, Cabañas, Zacatecoluca, La Unión, Chalatenango, and Sonsonate.
  • Escuela Superior Franciscana Especializada / AGAPE (Specialized Superior    Franciscan    School).
  • Escuela Especializada en Ingeniería/ ITCA-FEPADE (Specialized Engineering School), with regional centers in Santa Ana and San Miguel.
  • Universidad Don Bosco/UDB (Don Bosco University).
  • Escuela Nacional de Agricultura/ENA (National School for Agriculture).

Some of the technical careers available linked to FDI growth sectors are:

Aeronautical Maintenance, Agroindustry with Specialization in Fruits, Vegetables and Grains, Agronomy, Aquaculture, Biomedical, Civil Engineering, Dental Surgery, Electronics, Customs and Logistics, Food Processing and Preparation, Gastronomy, Global Logistics, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Prosthetics, Bracing and Supports, Port Management and Operation, Software Development, Tourism and Tourism Development and Management, among others.

El Salvador has seen significant improvements in English proficiency and is promoting IT skills.

El Salvador’s results in the English Proficiency Index (EPI)*

Source: EF, EPI. Based on test results of 2m adults in 112 countries & regions. Scores based on a 800-point scale.

Government support for on-the-job training

Companies that need to train their active workers can use the aid of the Salvadoran Institute for Professional Formation (INSAFORP, for its acronym in Spanish). An autonomous governmental agency that seeks to satisfy the needs for qualified human resources required by the country’s private sector. Multiple investors have found in INSAFORP an important tool for financing, partially or totally, their employees’ professional development.

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