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United States the new market to be conquered by Indufoam

Indufoam starts in 1982 with American and Central American capital. In 1984, Salvadoran investors bought the shares, making Indufoam a 100 percent Salvadoran company. Then in 1993, the family Toruño acquires the company.

Currently, Indufoam produces daily 1,200 beds (2,400 pieces) and 4,000 accessories (pillows, bedsheet sets, mattress protectors, duvets, among others)  50% of the production is sold in the local market, and the remainder is destined for exports. Indufoam also manufactures 400 living room furniture each month, a category through which it attends the local market, but for which it already has plans to export.

The company produces the brand of Indufoam beds as well as private lines such as “Sueña” (local), “Simmons” (from the United States), “Pikolín” (from Spain), and some exclusive brands to La Curacao, such as the Smart Support. In the Salvadoran market, the manufacturer occupies 60% of participation.

Since August of the last year, the Indufoam seal arrived in the United States to gain more ground in that market. The first export of the company was destined to a hotel chain of Florida, which is developing plans of expansion to several markets of the American continent.

The high-end beds now offered by the hotel chain were made with mosquito repellent, antibacterial, and fire-fighting fabrics, among other technological features. And while there has not been even a year after the first shipment to that location, Indufoam is already preparing the second dispatch. This time, it seeks to attend a hotel chain based in New York City.

In addition to the hotel segment, Indufoam explores the direct-to-consumer sales channel in several regions of that country. In this segment, they plan to sell mattresses and accessories.

As for new markets, last year they also ratify a business with a hotel chain of the Dominican Republic, a country where there are wide growth plans and that has established several hotel chains with high-end products.

Among its projects, in July they will begin the export of strings units of the line BeautyRest Black to licensees of Simmons in Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.

Currently, Indufoam exports to Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Peru. These are markets where the company is expecting to grow around 12%. However, this year’s goal is focused on markets outside Central America.