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Easy Access to Large Markets

El Salvador offers an ideal location for the production and processing of food, and to address specific market niches beyond traditional agricultural industries.

Processed Foods

El Salvador is a regional leader in the production and export of juices and snacks. It has a proven track record in attracting investment in this area and offers opportunities for the establishment of food production, processing and distribution centers for exportation. It also has complementary industries in areas such as packaging and process technology, among others.

Specific Niches

PROESA has identified the following niche markets that offer excellent investment opportunities in agribusiness:
  1. Cultivation of ornamental plants: El Salvador offers opportunities for the establishment of indoor or shade crops, especially for the propagation and production of cuttings or stakes for the export market. The elevations of 700-900 meters in the western region of the country and the annual average temperature of 22-24 ° C (72-75 ° F), in addition to sufficient irrigation water and a topography from flat to semi flat, are ideal for these crops.
  2. Aquaculture Sector: The warm tropical climate enjoyed by the country and its strategic location are ideal for aquaculture production throughout the year and for the marketing of fresh fish fillets to markets in developed countries.
  3. Fruit Sector: Five species of fresh fruit have access to the U.S. market: hybrid coconut, Persian lime, improved cashew, papaya and pineapple MD-2 variety. In addition, the country has many areas suitable for the cultivation of these crops and fine aroma cacao, ranging from sea level to 600 meters. These crops offer export opportunities to the United States, to meet local and regional demand, or to meet the demand of pulp and fruit concentrate.

Advantages of Investing in El Salvador

  • Suitable climatic conditions (temperature and altitude) and soils suitable for growing fruit and ornamental plants
  • Excellent road and port infrastructure
  • Proximity to high-consumption markets, facilitating the export of fresh produce
  • Free trade agreements that provide favorable conditions to access major markets in America and Europe
  • Abundant supply of sugar for intensive industries (beverages, sweets, etc.), At this point, it is possible to negotiate contracts of up to five years with a fixed price
  • Availability of water resources for sustainable aquaculture development.

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