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El Salvador: The destination of choice for tourism and business

El Salvador offers a wide range of hotel accommodations, excellent gastronomy and shopping, an outstanding road connectivity and proximity between multiple touristic attractions.


The natural wealth of the country, attractive fiscal incentives provided by the Tourism Law, as well as the determined support from the government of El Salvador, have made Tourism one of the most booming sectors of the country.


In the niche of medical tourism, El Salvador is an ideal destination for the establishment of hospitals and specialized clinics to serve patients from the United States and Canada.

Investment Opportunities

Because of its privileged geographical location, its consolidated and growing touristic demand, and its political and economic stability, El Salvador offers great investment opportunities in:

  • Hotels
  • Boutique hotels
  • Convention Centers
  • Marinas
  • Spas and wellness centers
  • Mixed use development
  • Medical tourism:
  • Hospitals
  • Specialized clinics
  • Medical spas
  • Resort hospitals

Tourism Niches

Due to its beauty and natural wealth, as well as to its invaluable cultural heritage, El Salvador caters to tourists in the following niches:

  • Medical tourism
  • Sun, sand and surf
  • Business
  • Congresses and conventions
  • Mayan world
  • Colonial heritage
  • Ecotourism

Advantages of Investing in El Salvador

  • Solid and growing tourism demand
  • Political stability
  • Healthy and completely dollarized economy
  • Air traffic hub with over 470 weekly arrivals and departures
  • Hard-working and service-oriented work force
  • Pleasant climate throughout the year
  • Attractive fiscal incentives provided by the Tourism and International Services Laws
  • Existence of qualified medical professionals with postgraduate degrees mainly from Mexico, the United States and Europe
  • Availability of human resources: approximately 12,000 physicians
  • Health services provided at costs significantly lower than in the United States and Canada
Celia Hérnandez
Tourism/Textiles and Apparel Investment Specialist

Edificio World Trade Center, Torre I, nivel 5, Colonia Escalón(503) 2592-7024chernandez@proesa.gob.sv

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