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Technology company Applaudo is recognized with the Palma de Oro

The Applaudo company was awarded as the first technological company with the Palma de Oro by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador (Camarasal), for its visionary and innovative contribution to the positioning of El Salvador in the world, its contribution to technological development and to the generation of opportunities for salvadorans.

It is the largest software development company in El Salvador, founded in 2013 by businessmen Darwin Romero and José Giammattei, according to information shared by the Camarasal.

After almost a decade of work, Applaudo has more than 900 collaborators in more than 24 countries around the world and has completed more than 200 projects.

It has achieved exponential accelerated growth in the technology industry, which has allowed it to solve the shortage of technological talent, with qualified teams distributed in all parts of the world.

On November 10, he received the Palma de Oro, the highest honorary recognition granted by the Chamber of Commerce and given to natural or legal persons who have contributed to the economic, social and cultural development of El Salvador, as is the case of Applaudo, founded under a philosophy of innovation and commitment to technological excellence.

Applaudo’s work also reflects his commitment to creating a social impact on the environment through technology. During the 2020 pandemic, its main objective was to protect the health of all its collaborators, working 100% remotely. In addition, it created more than 100 permanent jobs and 58 new roles within the company.

Applaudo is looking to expand to 5,000 full-time employees in the next few years.

“Our commitment is to change life through code, we are focused on continuing to work to close the gap of opportunities that exists in the region one line of code at a time”, shared César Bendek, CEO of Applaudo.

The businessmen distinguished with the Palma de Oro are chosen by a special commission appointed by the Camarasal Board of Directors, made up of directors and businessmen who have been awarded the prize throughout its history. The recognition was delivered at a special ceremony held on November 10.