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Success stories: investors who have believed in El Salvador in digital technology services

During the past two decades, El Salvador has radically changed its political, social, economic, and commercial context to adapt to a globalized world. The country’s economic agenda is based on four pillars:

     ✅Market opening



     ✅Structural adjustments

The existing national and international legal instruments and a clear and flexible national regulatory environment that promotes a stable financial climate with greater legal security for the investor, attract foreign direct investment (FDI).

A brief history of foreign investment in El Salvador

The 1970s armed conflict in El Salvador brought a socio-economic crisis, technological delays, and a productive system with little hope of growth.

In the eighties, the country gradually increased its production capacity and economic stability to advance its socio-economic conditions. 

However, in the 1990s, the crisis mostly hit the national economy since the war left two decades of poor practice in economic and social policies.

El Salvador, seeking a quick way out of inflation, adopted measures and programs recommended by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

These measures gave way to new economic structures that progressively promoted trade.

In addition, the government’s participation in economic policies was significantly reduced, promoting protection and freedom of national commerce and reducing the obstacles that did not allow the expansion of transnational capital.

Starting in 2001, El Salvador opened the participation of foreign capital as a primary source to activate new economic activities and accelerate investment processes in the country. This was possible because of the following:

    ?Business integration

    ?Private company support

    ?Economic transformation implemented by the government

Currently, foreign direct investment (FDI) has progressively increased in El Salvador due to the opening of the economy and the signing of bilateral and regional trade agreements.

TELUS International: Investors Who Have Believed in El Salvador

With over 16 years in the market, Telus leads the digital customer experience (CX) in El Salvador by designing, building, and delivering digital solutions.

Telus has excellent outsourcing of digital technology services, which reflects good results and shows that El Salvador promotes an ideal business development destination for any company in this sector.

TELUS International focuses on the power of next-generation technologies and digital acceleration to create the best experiences in international markets. Previously the TELUS team only had three developers. Currently, it has more than 150 members in just four years.

Its diverse professional technology talent integrates developers with experience in multiple programming languages:





    ⚙️Node JS




Also joining the team are project managers, highly experienced leaders, and quality analysts, who provide the team with motivation and commitment to achieve the best results in each technological project through efficient methodologies focused on user experience.

Jorge Calderón, Vice President of Operations of TELUS International El Salvador, states:

“The excellent skills and qualities of Salvadoran professionals have allowed us not only to provide customer experience solutions, but also to offer increasingly complex services in the value chain of our clients, such as workforce management, technical support, and software development.”

The company focuses on developing reusable frameworks that guarantee:

    ✅Faster time to market

    ✅Reduced costs

    ✅Maintenance and administration

    ✅Comprehensive support for application development solutions

Jorge Calderón continues:

“If our clients are satisfied with the results we deliver, they are more likely to recommend us, which contributes to our growth.”

Rulesware: Investors Who Have Believed in El Salvador

This company specializes in implementing Pega software for organizations in the financial services, healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing sectors. They have offices in the US, Mexico, and El Salvador and more than 230 people on their staff.

Rulesware maintains its operations in the US while expanding to other countries, offering services that solve and transform operations with quality and value.

Logan McCune’s experience as Organizational Culture and Talent Manager states:

“We firmly believe that our focus, dedication, and deep experience have been the key driver of Rulesware’s track record of successful and rapid delivery of Pega projects, always promoting the desired results for our valued customers. And much of that experience and dedication comes from our office in El Salvador. “

Rulesware provides leading business process management software. In addition, it is recognized for being one of the leading employers in El Salvador.