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Security actions implemented by the government benefit business climate

El Salvador has been under a state of emergency since March 27, a measure promoted by President Nayib Bukele in response to the increase in murders perpetrated by criminal groups, which to date has led to the capture of more than 15,000 gang members, according to official data.

On this matter, the presidential commissioner for Strategic Projects, Cristian Flores, pointed out that these security actions have an important impact on the national economy and benefit the productive sectors.

The commissioner remarked that these decisions have not diminished the economic dynamism, but rather are boosting it because “they have had an effect of confidence, of focusing, of looking for investment opportunities, of wanting more on the country’s projects, of giving speed to the initiatives that the big companies have”, he said on Friday during a television interview.

“Now anyone wants to invest in El Salvador, because before it was a risk issue, but now we see that the country generates these guarantees, not only legal, but also security for the population and investors,” Flores reinforced.

In this sense, he indicated that the Government is in constant communication with the private enterprise to know their concerns and needs, and businessmen state that the productive activities did not suffer alterations in the framework of the exception regime.

“They all agree that it has been positive, that their numbers continue to advance and even their growth projections are still in positive numbers”, he said.

Likewise, Flores detailed that the strategy against crime is added to the support of the Government in the face of the international inflationary crisis with the decree of measures that prevent the increase of prices of food and agricultural inputs, the temporary fixing of the costs of energy, fuels and liquefied gas, among others.

“When we see that fuel costs are the cheapest in Central America, when they could exceed $5 as in the rest of the countries in the region, this allows these measures to begin to generate greater productivity on the part of private enterprise,” he said.

For the commissioner, the decisions taken by President Bukele are correct, he recalled that, just as the president took the lead in other countries with measures to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 in 2020, at this moment, he is replicating this formula of forcefulness with strategies aimed at reducing the impacts of global inflation and the war against gangs.


Source: Diario El Salvador