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Salvadorans abroad

As Salvadorans we transcend borders

An increasing number of Salvadorans have migrated to other countries, with a view to improving their social and material conditions, their perspectives and those of their family. This represents an opportunity for development, both for people and for the country. It is our duty to facilitate and guide the investment of accumulated capital in its years residing outside our borders.

It is estimated that one third of the Salvadoran population lives outside our borders, around 93.5% of our diaspora that resides in the United States of America, becoming the second largest population, after the Mexican. The last official data recorded is 3,100,506 compatriots residing abroad, of which 49.12% are women.

It is important to promote and encourage the investments of the Salvadoran community residing abroad, so that with their contributions of capital, technology, knowledge and experiences, they increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the productive activities in which these resources are destined.

(Source of the graphics: National Policy for the Protection and Development of the Migrant Person and his Family).

Building a new El Salvador through Salvadorans abroad investment

A necessary and indispensable factor to be able to reconstruct the productive web and develop the periphery that includes the territories outside the main capital of the country of San Salvador, is the investments of Salvadorans in the different municipalities, this sector has the economic power, rooting and desire to do the “MILAGRO SALVADOREÑO”. There are more than 3 million Salvadorans living outside El Salvador, and a high percentage has managed to accumulate enough capital to represent a strong investment potential that can be taken advantage of by the country.

The current general climate of the country and especially for business is conducive to making those wishes and hopes come true, we are already seeing it, in the last months of the last year and the beginning of this year a flow of investments and interest in the development of projects in the different municipalities of the country. In the present, investments in the sectors of the medium industry, commerce, services, tourism and in the agricultural activity are appreciated.

The Salvadoran abroad must be aware that they can contribute decisively to economic growth, to generate employment in a significant way and finally to alleviate the social problems that our country historically suffers, at the same time there are a number of investment opportunities that can result very attractive for its profitability.

Sectors of attractive activities for Salvadorans abroad

 There are a number of economic activities that can be very attractive for Salvadorans abroad, but trends marked by current investment experiences indicate that the most attractive are:

1.- The production of food for the national and international market constitutes a safe spot for the success of an investment, there are opportunities in farming of cashew for the export of its seed, Cocoa, Balm, cultivation of Fresh fruits and vegetables. Aquaculture exploitation, such as the production of tilapia and shrimp, are also attractive activities due to their potential national and international markets, as well as their profitability.

2.- Territorial tourism that includes the construction of Hotels, Restaurants, Resort and Recreational Places in the beach, mountains and lakes.

3.- Services such as Call Center, software development, construction of gas stations and shopping centers in the main cities of the country.

Benefits for Salvadorans abroad to invest in the country

Salvadorans abroad when investing in the country obtain the following benefits:

1.- Security of their investment because it is in their country of origin, with laws that guarantee legal stability

2.- Economically secure their retirement

3.- Fulfill their dreams and patriotism by contributing to the development of the country and especially to their place of origin

4.- Extensive business opportunities in the agricultural sector

5.- International market trends towards food production guarantee a safe market for exports

Julio Cesar Gutiérrez
Salvadorans Abroad Specialist

Edificio World Trade Center, torre I, nivel 5, Colonia Escalón(503) 2592-7047jgutierrez@proesa.gob.sv