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Renewable energies contribute 94% to the offer and wind power increases its participation

The energy market continues to move towards a more diverse set of generation sources; the Government’s actions have focused on speeding up the execution of investments and supporting the renewable energy industry.

Data from the National Energy Council (CNE) show that renewable generation sources contributed 94.4% of the national total, until January 31, 2021. Compared with the previous data, it is equivalent to an approximate increase of 7%.

In the short and medium term, this will directly benefit households, since with the aforementioned diversification, the market price of energy also lowers. This is then perceived in the bills that households receive.

Even wind power, the newest player on the market, doubled its share. In December 2020, wind power injected 7.53 gigawatts per hour (Gw / h), while already in January 2021, it reached 15.67 Gw / h.

The CNE recorded important contributions from other sources. Geothermal energy, one of the most valuable resources in the world, contributed 119.07 GW / h; hydroelectric, 124.43 Gw / h; biomass, 106.43 Gw / h; and solar, 46.44 Gw / h.

For this year, the good news will continue in this market. The 3 de Febrero plant, in San Miguel, will soon start operating and will add more gigawatts with a minimal impact on the environment. The Government is also in the process of formulating a proposal for the Acelhuate River to become a generator, while being able to rescue it from extreme contamination.