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Ookla recognizes Tigo as the operator with the fastest mobile and fixed Internet in El Salvador

Tigo received first place in El Salvador in the Ookla® Speedtest Awards ™ 2020, recognizing it as the provider with the fastest fixed and mobile Internet networks in the country.


January 12, 2021. Ookla, the world leader in testing applications, data and analysis of mobile and fixed broadband networks, has recognized Tigo as the operator with the fastest mobile and fixed internet in El Salvador, for offering to customers the fastest upload, download speed and response time.


The results of the Ookla test were based on more than 1.4 million user measurements of all operators, who individually and independently have measured the speed of mobile and fixed Internet services from their devices, during the last 6 months of 2020, in the Salvadoran territory and using the Ookla application or site.


In terms of recognition as the operator with the fastest mobile Internet network Speedtest Awards ™, Tigo led the speed of mobile Internet compared to the other operators based on 122,945 tests carried out by users in the Speedtest mobile application on iOS and Android systems of mobile operators in El Salvador during the second half of 2020.


For the operator award with the fastest fixed Internet network Speedtest Awards ™, Tigo established itself as the leader in speed in fixed Internet services, the result of 1,312,581 tests carried out by users in the Speedtest application connected to a fixed network, including speed tests taken on mobile phones over a Wi-Fi connection during the last 6 months of 2020.


“We are very proud to receive this recognition from Ookla, a global leader in Internet speed measurement, as it is the result of the investment and constant work we have carried out in the country, to strengthen our network and improve the experience of our clients. A year ago we committed to modernize our network and now, despite the pandemic, we can say that the project was a success and we are being rewarded for its results. For 2021 we have great plans to continue building the best digital highways in the country, with the best coverage, speed to connect Salvadorans ”mentioned Edgard Grande, General Manager of Tigo El Salvador.


“What has happened in El Salvador is impressive, while in other countries in the region the Internet speed has dropped by up to 30 points due to the pandemic, in El Salvador this value has increased notably due to the work done by Tigo. Tigo achieved something that is very difficult and that is to win both the category of fastest Internet speed in the mobile network and in the fixed network of the country. According to our indicators, Tigo grew 80% in speed of its mobile network and 50% in speed of its fixed network than it had a year ago. The satisfaction of Tigo’s clients was the one that increased the most of all the operators in the country, growing exponentially according to our Net Promoter Score indicator ”reported Lourenco Lanfranchi, Ookla representative.


“The Speedtest Awards is based on the speed of the Internet that people experience in their daily lives. With our rigorous award methodology and insight into global Internet performance, we can determine that Tigo’s fixed and mobile network in El Salvador provides higher download and upload speeds than the next ranked operator. We are pleased to recognize Tigo’s performance in El Salvador with the awards for the Fastest Mobile Network and the Fastest Fixed Network in El Salvador ”, added Lanfranchi.


Tigo has achieved this recognition after having implemented an ambitious investment plan for the modernization of its network in 2020, thus reaffirming its commitment to provide its customers with the best network of both fixed and mobile services.


For Elisa de Saravia, Vice President of Operations and Technology of Tigo El Salvador, obtaining this recognition “is the result of the proactive response that Tigo has demonstrated with a significant investment, in turn putting all its human capital at the service of El Salvador to keep you connected even in times of pandemic. ”


“In 2020, we successfully completed our mobile internet network modernization plan, which consisted of deploying LTE 4.5G for the first time in the country and expanding the LTE 4G network. The project was carried out in 202 municipalities of the 14 departments of the country, benefiting 4.6 million Salvadorans with more coverage and more mobile browsing speed, this has positively impacted on the experience of our clients and the recognition that is now given to us it is proof of this, ”added Saravia.