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El Salvador generated more than $ 700 million in foreign investment in the last two years

«El Salvador has a privileged geographical location. Located in the heart of the Americas, it is a true commercial bridge between North and South America. El Salvador is also part of the bi-oceanic corridor that connects Europe with Asia ”, this is the description that the website of the Investment Export Promotion Agency of El Salvador (Proesa) presents to position the country throughout the world. 


In this context, since 2019 – when the current Government came to power – the interest of businessmen in El Salvador grew and since then more than $ 700 million in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been reported. 


According to the Director of Investments of Proesa, Javier Galdámez, at present they measure the investment rhythm in years traveled not in calendar years, so in 2019 it reached $ 591 million, when the goal was $ 300 million. 


“In previous governments, the goal was to generate $ 300 million, but a year after the current government arrived it was $ 591 million; and even in year two, with a pandemic, it was $ 160 million. 


So there you can see that it is the most natural thing in the world, “explained Galdámez. The official said that among the items to promote the country are the pharmaceutical sector, medical devices, agribusiness, aeronautics, energy, tourism, logistics, manufacturing, among others. 


“We were on the right track, but unfortunately the pandemic prevented it; However, with the new bet that is being made, we are heading towards that. As a standard, we seek to be daily attracting about $ 800 million per year, that is something that is considered achievable, “said Galdámez. 


On the other hand, he explained that InvestSV, which was created in March and launched in October 2020, is a tool to attract more international investors; furthermore, he said that it is a tactical compass on which concrete actions will land. 


“Digital linking is in the entire DNA of what is being done, because they are not competitiveness analysis, but in essence a marketing plan,” he added. 


As part of the work to be carried out in the coming months and, above all, because of how important issues are progressing, Proesa will work on a digital strategy, with which it will generate massive, specialized content for potential foreign investors. 


He also commented that due to the new reality due to the pandemic, new channels will be created and the resources available to the necessary platforms will be optimized to attract entrepreneurs; In addition, the studies that were had of the prioritized sectors will be updated. 


“Invest El Salvador will serve as a strategy to remotely control actions, which is a tool to attract more international investors, as well as a tactical compass where concrete actions will land.” 


Javier Galdámez, Director of Investments at Proesa.