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Logistics company added three electric vehicles to its fleet in the country

In line with the objectives of the Government of El Salvador regarding the promotion and implementation of electric mobility in the country, DHL Express yesterday added three new MAXUS brand EV30 electric vehicles to its fleet for delivery of shipments in the national territory.

“As an organization we have a long-term sustainability strategy through which we seek to achieve a goal of zero emissions by 2050. We are taking a first step in this strategy in El Salvador today with the incorporation of the first three electric vehicles,” said Mario López, general manager of DHL Express El Salvador.

In this way, DHL became the first logistics company in the country to take the first step towards electric mobility.

To start with the renewal of 50% of the fleet, the DHL spokesperson stated that an investment of $300,000 has been planned. “We already have a map for the next 10 years where we are going to invest not only at the level of our fleet, but in other aspects of our business that support our sustainability strategy,” the spokesperson explained.

This initiative, according to López, has the support of the competent authorities of the Government of El Salvador, which also implements a sustainability agenda in the country.

«On the part of the Government we have had all the support not only in investment but also in implementation. We are very aligned in terms of the sustainability strategy of the country and the organization; In the future, that gives us the confidence to be able to achieve our goal, “he added in this regard.

For his part, Francisco Sura, deputy director of the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) added that the Government of President Bukele has focused on facilitating this type of import and business strategies.

“First of all, a law has been issued in the country (Law for the Promotion and Incentives for the Importation and Use of Electric and Hybrid Transportation) that covers all imports of used, new, and hybrid electric vehicles,” said the official.

The Deputy Director of Customs concluded that the Government accompanies the effort to contribute to the environment of these companies in the country. “The Government supports them and supports this type of process.”