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International Public Bidding: Aeropuerto de Pácifico


Are inviting national and foreign consulting firms, individually or in partnership, with expertise in Feasibility Studies, to express in writing at FOSEP’s offices their interest in being invited to the international public bidding for the elaboration of the Feasibility Study for project 7241 entitled: “Construction of the Pacific Airport, in the eastern region of El Salvador”, which will be developed within three hundred (300) calendar days.

The objective of the project is to prepare, from a technical, legal, economic, environmental and social point of view, a feasibility study that analyzes the construction of an international airport in the eastern region that will serve commercial passenger flights and provide a high level of service in accordance with international security standards, as well as the design of a business model.

This Feasibility Study consists of the assessment and selection of alternatives for the location of the airport, taking into account the following criteria: geology of the eastern region, road accessibility, protected areas, seismicity, climate, proximity to other airports, population clusters, travel times, among others. Furthermore, it has to consider that all the research, studies and designs that are carried out must be in accordance with the corresponding aeronautical regulations issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America (FAA) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and the Civil Aviation Authority (AAC); also, other national technical standards and regulations must be taken into account.

From the operational point of view, the Pacific International Airport project entails the construction and equipping of an airport complex on two levels with their respective boarding bridges, commercial areas and airfield; with a runway at least 3,200 meters long and 60 meters wide; built in an ideal location where the requirements and standards established by institutions such as ICAO, IATA, FAA and AAC are met; with spaces for passenger segregation, ground support areas, administrative and security offices, spaces for concessionaires, waiting rooms, circulation areas, sanitary services and technical rooms.

The requested study must provide the following information: market study, technical study, environmental study, social impact study, economic-financial study, legal study, cadastral and property registry study, business model definition study.

For the design of the economic and financial model, it is essential to consider everything related to the regulatory and legal framework applicable to the project. If the alternative is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP), it must consider what is stated in the Special Law of Public-Private Partnerships of El Salvador. The consultant must design the business model in question to determine whether it is feasible to carry out the project under this modality, in addition to establishing final conclusions and recommendations regarding the project. The consultant must present a draft of the bidding terms and contract that includes best international practices of this modality. 

The firms that possess experience in this field and that have personnel specialized in the subject and wish to be considered in the process should:

  1. Send a letter of interest to FOSEP signed by the company representative. When participating as a partnership, no more than two companies should be involved, and the leading firm should be nominated as the one with the most significant technical responsibility for the development of the study. The individual expression of interest should be signed by the corresponding legal representatives or the one they appoint as the representative of the partnership. This step can be done by fax or e-mail and then be sent in original with the remaining information.
  2. Register or update its information in the National Registry of Consultants (RNC) of FOSEP. In the case of Partnerships, each firm must be registered or updated separately.
  3. Consulting firms that are not registered in FOSEP’s National Registry of Consultants (RNC) must download the RNC Registration Form, which is available on FOSEP’s website free of charge. If the consulting company wishes to be provided with it, it must be requested from FOSEP, and it will be sent to them via email. The Form must be completed and delivered in person to FOSEP’s offices with all the information requested, complying with the requirements of the formats, as they are the basis for the prequalification of consultants.
  4. Consulting companies that are already registered with the RNC of FOSEP and that have not been updated should proceed with their update through the Update Form found on the website or request it from FOSEP.
  5. All the documentation mentioned above: Expression of Interest and Registration or Update in the RNC, must be delivered in person in Spanish, in the offices of FOSEP, the deadline for these procedures is Thursday, March 19, 2020, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., El Salvador time.

The interested parties are advised that Annex “B” section 2.02 of the Operational Regulations of the Global Pre-investment Programme III of FOSEP establishes: “A fully qualified consulting firm, which is an affiliate or subsidiary of a construction contractor, an equipment supplier or a Holding Company, is considered acceptable only if it agrees in writing to limit its functions to professional consulting services and accepts the contract it signs that the firm and its associates may not participate in the construction of the project, in the supply of materials and equipment for the project or in the performance of activities of a financial nature related to the program.”

The study will be financed through the Salvadoran Fund for Pre-investment Studies -FOSEP, with funds from the Pre-investment Program Third Stage, Recoveries No. 860/SF-ES. 

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