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Industry seeks to accelerate the innovation process in El Salvador

The COVID-19 pandemic has almost completely paralyzed the Salvadoran industry, which is looking for ways to refocus and take advantage of opportunities, despite the limitations established by the current quarantine in the country, since March.


Termoencogibles is a company that have take advantage of the situation and have launched new products from the window of opportunity that the same crisis generated by manufacturing medical supplies.


Rodrigo Tona, CEO of Termoencogibles, explained that thanks to the fact that the company has a plant in operation in Vietnam, it was able to anticipate the COVID-19 emergency somewhat by activating crisis committees, but acknowledges that the application of initial measures to regulate the entry of Citizens from abroad had employees of the firm, who were in Mexico and Central America at the beginning of the crisis, be sent to quarantine.


The specialized firm in production of flexible packaging, is a key player in the production of supplies for industries such as food and chemical products. He had activated protocols, but an opportunity arose after learning about using bags as a part of protective equipment in a photograph taked on a hospital in England .


Tona explained that one of the leaders in quarantine began to articulate the work with others in their position in order to start putting together a prototype of disposable suit based on the limited supplies they had in the quarantine, it is a suit made that they put together with plastic bags in just seven days and which is now used in the region.


“For us it was interesting how we can help whenever there is an opportunity, look for innovation to come out,” said Tona. He revealed that they had already been contacted by a firm in Sweden with which he works to export them to various parts of the world. “We have to believe that in El Salvador we are hard worker people,” added the businessman.