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Holcim opens new cement plant in the country

With an investment of $11.6 million, Holcim built the Maya Plant in Metapán, Santa Ana, which will make the company one of the largest producers and distributors of clinker and cement in the country and the region.

With the new plant that was inaugurated yesterday, Holcim reported that it will increase the production of clinker, the raw material for cement, to 450,000 tons per year. This will allow it to go from 1.2 million tons of cement it produces per year to 1.9 million, that is, an additional 700,000 tons.

“More than a year ago we began to glimpse that economic activity and construction were beginning to recover, so we announced the investment of more than $20 million aimed at expanding our operations in the country. As the Holcim Group, we continue to support the development and growth of El Salvador,” said Rodrigo Gallardo, CEO of Holcim El Salvador.

The company reported that it currently provides direct employment to more than 500 people and with the start-up of Planta Maya, 42 additional direct jobs were generated, incorporating women in operational roles; and approximately 100 indirect jobs.

In the same activity, Holcim reported that “it marks a milestone in its history” by presenting its new corporate identity in El Salvador and Latin America.

The new brand, has a logo that “is based on an infinity symbol and Holcim in the center connecting all dimensions of construction, the company reflects a holistic offer, a commitment to sustainable construction and a vision towards the circular economy. that goes beyond the traditional business”, he indicated.

He also reported that Holcim’s innovative identity is more than just a makeover, as it reflects the essence of the company, conveys who it is today and where it is going, drawing inspiration from the people who are building the foundations, infrastructure and works to promote a more sustainable future.

«It is a pleasure to be with you. On behalf of President Nayib Bukele, who was scheduled to be here but for emergency reasons has delegated me, we thank the company Holcim for increasing its level of investment in our country,” said Ulloa.

He stressed that the Salvadoran Government continues to reaffirm its commitment to continue supporting the private sector, for the benefit of the community and the workers.