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Guatemala and El Salvador will reduce border times thanks to DUCA-F

As of August 24, the electronic transmission of the Advance Declaration, in the DUCA-F- modality (together with the documents that support the operation) will be mandatory for the trade of originating goods between Guatemala and El Salvador that transit by the Pedro de Alvarado and La Hachadura Border Post, in accordance with the provision approved by Ministerial Instance Resolution No. 104-2022.

As of the indicated date, the means of cargo transportation that comply with the measure will be able to move more quickly from one territory to another by using the declaration in advance and attaching the documents that support it.

The objective of this initiative is to reduce clearance times in customs operations between both countries, in addition, it is an action that is carried out in compliance with the short-term priority measures of the Central American Strategy for Trade Facilitation and Competitiveness with emphasis on the Coordinated Border Management.

In order to comply with said measure, the Customs Services of the Republics of El Salvador and Guatemala developed the internal regulatory and IT aspects necessary to guarantee the implementation and enforceability of the Advance Declaration. The gradual application of this measure in the other border posts shared by El Salvador and Guatemala will be agreed upon by the Customs Services of both countries and submitted for consideration by the Ministerial Body.

The Single Central American Declaration in its DUCA-F modality protects the trade of goods originating in Central American countries.

The Deep Integration of the three Central American countries seeks to increase investment, facilitate the transit of goods and reduce the delay times of trade operations at the borders.

The process of Deep Integration that began between the Republics of Guatemala and Honduras on June 26, 2017, has achieved that the commercial exchange between both countries generates around US$425.6 million by the year 2021

Source: SUMMA Magazine