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European company invests $24 million in photovoltaic plant

The German company MPC Energy Solutions inaugurated the “Santa Rosa y Villasol” solar energy park, located in the municipality of Quezaltepeque, La Libertad, which was built with an investment of $24 million.

According to Víctor Atehortua, the company’s project manager, the photovoltaic plant, which has 34,000 high-power bifacial solar panels, an installed capacity of 21.4 megawatts (MWh), and an expected energy production of 50 gigawatt hours (GWh). ) per year, has completed its construction phase and has begun the operational testing phase to begin injecting energy in December.

“The Santa Rosa and Villasol solar park has been designed with the highest standards and that is how we want to continue investing in the country, since we have found a good investment and business development climate,” Atehortua said.

The execution of this investment has been accompanied by the administration of President Nayib Bukele, which has been present in all phases of development. Said government work was recognized by the executive of the energy firm.

“We feel that the Government of El Salvador is very accessible, and the company has liked that a lot. We believe that the country is very safe, that the security policies have worked. In addition, from the legal point of view, the country has a fairly suitable framework for this type of investment to be made, “he asserted.

In addition, the company’s confidence in El Salvador has meant that in the short term it plans to open offices and establish the hub of its operations for the region in the country.

«We want to establish the hub in El Salvador due to three strategic issues: the first due to the geographical location, since the country is in the center of the region, close to our points of interest; second, for the currency, since the dollarized economy gives stability to the projects; and the third, due to the availability of human resources, since they already have professionals with experience in photovoltaic matters”, explained the project manager.

On the other hand, in the next three years, MPC Energy Solutions expects to reach a capacity of 100 megawatts with other energy projects within the territory.

Social investment

As part of its commitment to the communities of Quezaltepeque, the firm has executed different social and environmental projects with an investment of $55,000. Likewise, in the construction of the plant they generated 200 jobs, the majority covered by talent from the area.