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Enersys solar is the largest builder of photovoltaic solar power plants for self-consumption in El Salvador, its mission is to help its clients have sustainable and competitive operations, two vital elements in the business field.

Since its inception in 2010, the company has been in constant evolution: it went from being a local consultancy in the area to being a multicenter American with operations in Guatemala and Puerto Rico, which will be its hub to expand throughout the Caribbean.

The keys to its success have been offering the latest technology at the best prices on the market, together with its ability to constantly innovate to offer solutions that adjust to new and future market needs.

Now it has a new business division focused on energy storage, through large lithium batteries that allow growth in electricity generation. Currently, it is in the process of making the first industrial battery for a large client, which will help it avoid the stoppage of operations that leads to loss of time, material and damage to equipment, among others.

A different way of doing things

Óscar Funes, president of the company, highlights another added value: thanks to an in-depth analysis of market needs, Enersys Solar manages to design solutions that adjust to the operational needs of each client, while providing a guarantee in each of the stages of the process, even after the equipment is installed.

“We changed the traditional model aimed at achieving high profitability and few projects to become a service company that provides customers with the best technology, the best brands and at the best possible price to make them feasible,” he says.

The numbers support the wisdom of this decision: it has developed 10 utility-scale plants totaling 70 megawatts and has built 35 photovoltaic solar energy projects for self-consumption that reduce 18,500 tons of CO2 per year. 90% of them are in El Salvador.

Since November 2020, 2,800 solar panels have been installed for an oil company in Puerto Rico that will generate its own clean energy and from now on that country will serve as a base to reach industrial clients throughout the Caribbean area.

Enersys Solar the largest builder of photovoltaic plants

A clear goal

For Iván Cienfuegos, Director of Operations, the company makes a very important contribution to the protection of the environment with its operations, since it displaces the energy that is generated by oil and its derivatives by a clean one, taking advantage of the power of the sun to produce zero emission electric power.

The company is growing, although initially the project raised doubts among clients due to lack of knowledge regarding the technology used. The situation has changed to the point that more and more people are requesting this type of solution as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, convinced of the security it offers to their operations and the financial savings it implies ”, he adds.

The biggest challenge is to support and measure this growth in order to develop the corporate structure at the pace demanded by its projects and services; includes having experts in the field and young professionals with an innovative vision.

Enersys Solar’s commitment is to offer the best acquisition cost in the market and assure its clients a technology that will last for 30 years, which will be given the necessary support so that its operations are never interrupted, an invaluable competitive element.

“We can provide that security due to the excellent relationship we have with our suppliers that gives us the ability to respond in the event that the systems suffer any damage after starting their operation,” he details.

Now, anticipating the future, the company trains its professionals for the new challenges they will face, related to energy storage and management of new technologies, mainly, in order to continue offering the best to the public.