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The Salvadoran electricity sector has a public-private agenda aimed towards a world-class sector that supplies an ever-growing electricity demand in both a national and a regional low risk market. Clear, transparent rules and short-, medium- and long-term energy planning enables successful investment projects. Investment Opportunities:
  • Processes of international bidding and long term contracts of up to 20 years, based on implemented market costs
  • Diversification of the energy matrix, developing the potential of: wind, geothermal, small hydroelectric power plants, biomass, biogas, solar photovoltaic, concentrated solar thermal, coal and natural gas sources
  • Distributed generation projects at industrial level
  • Large hydraulic, geothermal and solar projects in national public generation
  • Categorization of activities or projects for the better use of renewable energy sources in conjunction withthe Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
  • SIEPAC Central American interconnection line

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Javier Galdámez

Digital Technologies & BPM Investment Specialist