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El Salvador’s Government begins the delivery of food packages in the 50 poorest municipalities

On may 17, following what was announced the previous days, El Salvador’s Goverment began delivering food packages to alleviate the difficult situation that the emergency for covid-19 is leaving in El Salvador.


The first stage has included the 50 poorest municipalities in El Salvador, where this day, and through an articulated work between different institutions, the delivery is being carried out.


Municipalities such as Cuisnahuat, Sensembra, San Francisco Gotera and San José Cancasque are from the localities that are already receiving the packages. The departments where delivery has started in some municipalities are Ahuachapán, Cabañas, Chalatenango, Cuscatlán, San Vicente, Morazán, San Miguel, Usulután, La Unión and Sonsonate.


According to the authorities, the mechanism works by sending personnel previously to each municipality to carry out a census with the beneficiary households, and then the delivery will be made in each household, to prevent people from going out to expose themselves and there is a risk of contagion.


The packages will be sent to the schools of the municipalities or to military installations such as Military Detachments, from where they will be sent to the rest of the places.


When the staff arrives at each home, the beneficiary must only be present at their home to receive it, they do not need to show any documents. Delivery is to a solidarity package for each household.


Each department of El Salvador has been assigned a member of the Government Cabinet who is in charge of deliveries.


  • San Salvador, Romeo Rodríguez and Mario Durán
  • Ahuachapán, Fernando LópezCabins, Luis Rodríguez
  • Morazán, Gustavo Villatoro
  • Chalatenango and Santa Ana, Edwin Núñez
  • Sonsonate, Juan Ceavega
  • La Unión, Salvador Gómez
  • Usulután, Mynor GilSaint Vincent, Frederick Benítez
  • Cuscatlán, Álvaro O’Byrne
  • La Paz, Federico Anliker
  • La Libertad: Pablo Anliker
  • San Miguel, Willian Hernández and Ricardo Salazar


Contained in each package you can find: pasta, basic grains, canned goods, oil, and more.


The Government authorities have expressed that this Sunday the delivery will take place in the 50 municipalities programmed, and tomorrow it will continue in other locations.