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El Salvador´s exportation grew 5.5% in January

El Salvador’s exports in January 2020 totaled $ 509.8 million, higher by $ 26.5 million than in the same period of 2019, with an interannual growth of 5.5%, according to Banco Central de Reserva.


The manufacturing industry, including maquila, exported $ 491.6 million with an annual growth of 4.9%, equivalent to $ 23 million. The main sectors that contributed to the growth were: the production of food products ($ 105.2 million) and the manufacture of clothing ($ 94 million).


The United States demanded Salvadoran goods for $ 191.2 million, which represented 37.5% of the total exported, 2.1% less than last year. Honduras followed with $ 79.4 million, for a growth of 2.2%.


Regarding imports, they accumulated consumer goods for $ 368.1 million, which represented an additional 5.7%.