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El Salvador wins Gold at Dubai Expo 2020

El Salvador received a 24 carat gold medal after being recognized with the first place among 192 countries of the world that participated for six months in the Expo 2020 held in Dubai.

The “Gold Theme Interpretation” award was received by the envoy of the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, the general commissioner and president of the Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador (PROESA), Salvador Gómez Góchez.

The golden recognition to El Salvador by the country of the United Arab Emirates, was delivered in the presence of all the commissioners of the countries participating in the Dubai Expo 2020.

El Salvador was awarded as the best country in the category “Thematic Pavilions/ Mobility District”, in which it participated from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

In that category, second place went to Moldova and third place to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

The Dubai Expo 2020 is the most important and relevant international expos organized by the Bureau International des Expositions, which makes it a global showcase, in which El Salvador showed its potential it offers in trade and investment.

“This is an award and a worldwide recognition for the good work that our President Nayib Bukele is doing in our country, it is a pride for all Salvadorans to have obtained the first place among 192 countries participating in the Dubai Expo 2020” said Gómez Góchez.

According to the president of PROESA, the Dubai Expo 2020, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, was visited by more than 27 million people and the pavilion of El Salvador was visited by more than 100 thousand visitors.

January 25, 2022 was El Salvador’s day at the Expo, where the First Lady of the Republic, Gabriela de Bukele, had an important participation, a day in which El Salvador was promoted throughout the fair, with the unforgettable participation of the National Valet promoted by the First Lady of the Republic.

“I will give the award to President Nayib Bukele because it was sent to him by Dubai” said Salvador Gómez Góchez.

The main attraction of the El Salvador Pavilion was the experience of a 360 degree projection and video mapping (visual technique that allows projecting images on real surfaces) of various places in El Salvador, highlighting important issues of the country such as the Bitcoin official currency, Surf City, Social Development (cubes), Clean Energy, Agriculture Master Plan, Health and Growing Together Policy.

El Salvador also offered during the Expo Dubai 2020, a coffee tasting of coffee from six mountain ranges of the country which became a novelty and where participants enjoyed the aroma and flavor. The coffee offered by El Salvador at the Expo Dubai 2020, comes from the six coffee producing regions of the golden bean such as the mountain ranges of Apaneca (Ilamatepec), El Bálsamo (Quezaltepec), Aloptepec Metapán, Chinchontepec, Tecapa (Chinameca), and Cacahuatique.


Source: Organismo promotor de exportaciones e inversiones de El Salvador PROESA