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El Salvador will promote Trade Facilitation in the region

The Economy Minister, María Luisa Hayem, will seek to promote the Trade Facilitation agenda in the region next year. This was expressed after assuming the Pro-Tempore Presidency of the Central American Economic Integration Subsystem and the Council of Ministers of Economic Integration (COMIECO), during the event to present the results of the Central American Regional Economic Integration project (INTEC), carried out on Last Friday in Antigua Guatemala.

«On behalf of the Central American countries, I am pleased to debut as President Pro-Tempore of the Economic Subsystem in an event of such importance for the region, in which we successfully conclude the Central American Regional Economic Integration Project (INTEC) , executed by the Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration (SIECA), which has marked a milestone in Central American Economic Integration,” he said.

He explained that, with the INTEC project in the Central American countries, companies have benefited in different areas with initiatives such as the approval of the Central American regulatory framework, in compliance with the commitments of the Association Agreement, Trade and Sustainable Development, Intellectual Property, and the Central American Trade Facilitation Strategy.

Regarding this last element, he highlighted the support of the European Union (EU) for the development of the Central American Digital Platform for Commerce (PDCC), which is a transversal axis of the Strategy, which will contribute to expediting trade, through the interconnection of the authorities involved with trade.

“We will work to update the regional Trade Facilitation strategy and promote initiatives that transform trade in our countries,” she said.

In addition, the official explained that during her leadership, from January to December 2023, she will be dedicated to promoting the achievement of strategic objectives of the Economic Integration of the region.

Thank you for the trust that has been placed in us. The idea is to finalize the issues that are on the regional agenda, but that have not been met,” said the minister.

He also stressed that as one of the drivers of post-pandemic economic growth, El Salvador will seek to make the most of the trade agreements of the countries of the region with strategic trading partners in axes such as: export destination, investment promotion and international cooperation.

“We are enthusiastic and with great responsibility we take the leadership of this forum. All this impulse that we are implementing day by day in El Salvador in Trade Facilitation will also be transferred to this forum, “she added.