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El Salvador: Port of Acajutla will expand installed capacity to handle 900,000 containers per year

The Government of President Nayib Bukele continues with the programming of infrastructure works, aimed at boosting the growth of the economy. Proof of this is that the expansion of the container yard at the port of Acajutla will soon begin.

This was announced by the president of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission (CEPA), Federico Anliker, who announced: “We have expansion projects for the Port of Acajutla. Soon we will lay the first stone of the expansion of the container yard”.

That is why the head of the El Salvador airport system has reiterated the need to increase the cargo handling capacity to more than 900,000 containers.

The port of Acajutla is the most important logistics point that El Salvador has, in terms of import and export of raw materials and finished products, which has begun to become too small for the movement of cargo, due to the dynamism of the economy.

To date, the maritime terminal has the capacity to move around 250,000 containers per year, but this amount was already exceeded last year when approximately 280,000 units were handled, the president of CEPA recently explained.

Likewise, he indicated that this container yard expansion project is extremely important, because between January 1 and August 7 of this year, more than 3.2 million metric tons of cargo have been mobilized in said maritime terminal.

“We are in a positive moment and we hope to exceed the goals that we have set for this 2022,” added the official, who clarified that previous governments never did anything to increase the port’s cargo handling capacity.

He finally clarified that due to this, it was urgent to carry out the expansion of the container area, to put it in line with the growth that the economic and commercial activity of El Salvador is experiencing, under the management of President Nayib Bukele.