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El Salvador has stood out as a biosecure tourist destination

At a time when tourism has suffered an economic contraction from which it will not begin to emerge until 2023, El Salvador has begun to position itself as a biosecure destination for international tourists, said the Minister of Tourism, Morena Valdez.this morning.

The official pointed out that, according to data from the World Tourism Organization, almost 80% of the sector has contracted because of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world, a contraction that will begin to level off as of 2023. However, in this scenario, El Salvador has positioned itself as a biosecurity offer for international tourists.

«The tourist is looking for a place where he feels safe and biosecure. El Salvador has stood out, the perception of people both internally and externally has said so, “said Minister Valdez, ensuring that this revaluation of El Salvador as a tourist spot is due to the management that the Executive Branch has made of the pandemic in the country.

Valdez emphasized that as the Ministry of Tourism they are looking for all companies that offer in the field to obtain the safety certification and that they comply with the regulations for the protection against coronavirus infections in El Salvador.

«Apart from having obtained the seal of safe destination by the biosafety protocols, we are looking for more, that all the entrepreneurs in the tourism value chain are certifie. The health of Salvadorans and our visitors must prevail, “said the official.

Valdez highlighted that within the plan for the management and reactivation of the Salvadoran tourism sector, biosecurity in establishments has been key. In addition, she stressed that the plan has been based on liquidity, promotion and positioning of the country’s tourism offer, based on a biosafety approach for consumers.

«We have visited more than 300 establishments in conjunction with FOSALUD. Of all the items, the ones that we found most that they needed several things were from the food sector. We have received more complaints and reports from the bars. It is important to emphasize that we are living in this new normal, the countries are revaluing our destinations, “she said.

Finally, Valdez announced that «between May 29 and June 6 we will be holding the surf pre-Olympic; we are waiting for the information that the International Olympic Committee will send us. This will be a milestone for the entire region “and that” this week we will be inaugurating Puerto Parada, in Usulután.”