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El Salvador coffee is positioned among the best in the world.

For its aroma, texture and quality, El Salvador coffee is positioned among the best in the world. According to projections of national coffee growers, by 2022 it is expected to increase the bean harvest by 5%.

In the first month of the Expo Dubai 2020, the El Salvador pavilion received thousands of people from all over the world who have learned about all that the country has to offer about the golden bean. In this edition, Salvadoran coffee was king.

The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, David Martínez, assured that El Salvador has six coffee mountain ranges and all of them produce high quality beans. “As proud Salvadorans we must consume coffee that is produced in the country,” he said.

“Coffee fills us with passion. El Salvador has one of the best cups in the world. We are at Expo Dubai and the product we had for four months is over, because international buyers recognize the quality of El Salvador Coffee,” explained the holder.

The organizers of the event published, on their Twitter account, that through virtual tours of different tourist sites and the big bets for development, the public confirmed that El Salvador is the best destination for tourism, business and investment.

“Compared to last year, which opens the doors to export growth. If you are looking for excellence in a beverage, we are waiting for you in our coffee in the El Salvador pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020,” added the organization.

Expo Dubai 2020 is one of the most impressive exhibitions in the world, and is an important platform to show the world the great innovative potential of each country and its people.

In total there are more than 192 countries participating in this exhibition, in a scenario full of diversity, culture, technology and new ideas that make it a unique experience. The exhibition is open to companies, investors, entrepreneurs and the general public from October 2021 to March 2022.