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El Salvador and Costa Rica create binational committee to implement the ferry

The governments of Costa Rica and El Salvador agreed to execute a work plan that will have the objective of making the ferry a reality.


“This day is historic for Costa Rica and El Salvador, as we signed a memorandum of understanding that reiterates the commitment to implement, in the short term, short-distance maritime transport: the ferry,” said Federico Anliker, president of the Autonomous Port Executive Commission (CEPA).


The representatives of both countries announced this memorandum through a long distance connection in which the Costa Rican authorities participated, such as the Minister of Public Works and other high-level officials from El Salvador.


Among the commitments acquired in the framework of the memorandum is to execute the work plan for the operation of this mode of transportation and to create a Binational Committee that will follow up on the plan.


“On behalf of El Salvador, we have ready the flow of imports and exports, as well as the personnel designated by each of the institutions and the necessary equipment to start up the operation,” added Anliker.


The ferry will connect the Port of La Unión with Puerto Calderas, in Costa Rica. The expectation is that the times to move loads can be reduced, which will also imply costs reduction.


Although it is a proposal that was formulated decades ago, it was with the current administration that the infrastructure for the ferry operations in the east of the country, which were inaugurated eight months ago, was completed. In addition, El Salvador was the first country to finish defining rates and other details for implementation.