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Ecosolar, the new photovoltaic plant in El Salvador

The Export and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador PROESA, together with the Ministry of Economy, MINEC, and the Spanish company Ecosolar, inaugurated a new photovoltaic plant in El Salvador, an important energy project for the country, especially at a time of economic recovery.

The power station generated by the sun, located in the municipality of El Rosario, in the department of La Paz, had an investment of $ 13 million in construction and will have an installed capacity of 10 megawatts of nominal power, reported the Minec.

The photovoltaic farm has more than 34,200 solar panels, which will generate around 30,000 megawatt hours (Mwh) of clean energy per year, which will help provide electricity with lower costs to some 19,000 Salvadoran homes.

The Spanish company indicated that this project will contribute to the reduction of 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases, thus complying with the sustainable development objectives.

Each unit of energy in megawatt hours produced by the Ecosolar plant will cost about $ 55, which means that each unit generated will be marketed at 44% less compared to the price of long-term contracts for plants based on thermal generation. , which today costs about $ 98.

The representative of the Inversiones Ecosolar society, Marcos Gómez, explained that the country has an excellent radiation resource that places it in the world ranking within the 10 countries with the highest solar radiation.

He added that “the contribution of this type of project that contributes to the country’s energy diversification is satisfactory and in some way, favors the mitigation of climate change that we are so concerned about.”

For her part, María Luisa Hayem, head of the MINEC, assured that “actions like these confirm and reaffirm the Government’s commitment to provide security legal to local and foreign investors, in a strategic sector for the country, such as electric power ”.

With this project, El Salvador’s clean energy production reaches 300 megawatts, representing an investment of at least $ 540 million.

The official said that the legal stability contract signed with Ecosolar becomes the second within the management of the Government of President Nayib Bukele, and the third that has been signed in the history of the country.

The photovoltaic plant generated, only in the construction phase, around 300 new jobs, and about 150 indirect ones, and in the administrative and production area it will have a dozen additional jobs.