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Digital Technologies & Business Processes

Telus International, El Salvador

Excellent nearshore outsourcing opportunity for US, Canada and Latin America

Over these past years, El Salvador has emerged as a complementary platform for the delivery of quality outsourcing services based on one of the most cost-effective locations in Central America. El Salvador has modern and advanced telecommunications infrastructure where multi – region, multi-delivery and multi-solution business services can be developed.

Globalization and increased market competition is forcing organizations to reevaluate how they deliver fundamental business activities. Organizations are modifying their operating models to capture labor arbitrage benefits, capitalize on specialized skill sets, improve service delivery and focus on the core business activities that provide strategic differentiation. To achieve these, organizations are leveraging their service delivery transformation in El Salvador, which is a proven door of entry for companies seeking access to the U.S. market and Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

These services are provided from El Salvador with neutral English and Spanish capabilities in sub-sectors such as Contact Centers, Call Centers, Captive Service Centers, Excellence Services Centers, Shared Services Centers – under both the Hub and Spoke Business Model and the Hybrid Business Model (KPO’s)-, and Business Process Centers for Common Corporate Functions (BPOs), both vertical and horizontal, as well as Data Processing Centers, among others.

Currently, the country is home to many internationally renowned companies, creating 16,500 direct jobs, 11,000 workstations and represents more than 55 local and foreign companies. These companies, according to official data, are among the 25 largest private employers in the country and are part of the top ten most important industries on this list.

Some of the companies that have found a strategic partner in El Salvador are:

The sector continues to advance and now the country is also hosting centers that provide business process outsourcers (non-voice BPOs and comparative centers), that have taken advantage of the technical and university education of our Salvadoran talent.

Sector opportunities:

Contact Centers:

  • Product sales
  • Order taking
  • Cross sale & Up sale
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Technical support
  • Customer service
  • Customer Surveys
  • Technical support for guarantees
  • Customer retention and acquisition
  • Incoming and outgoing call service
  • Appointment  scheduling

Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) and Shared Services Centers:

  • Transaction Management
  • General Accounting
  • Data and Order Processing
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Procurement
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Inventory Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Performance Management


IT Services:

Software development, Help Desk, testing, business process management (BPM) and applications management.

Applaudo Studios, El Salvador
Applaudo Studios, El Salvador

Advantages of investing in El Salvador:

Outstanding Human Talent

  •  Neutral accent in both English and Spanish
  •  Excellent industry performance indicators, especially in:
    • Sales (differentiating ability of Salvadorans)
    • Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT)
    • First call resolution (FCR)
  • Cultural affinity with large markets like the U.S. and Europe
  • Outstanding Work Ethics, compared with other countries in the region: loyalty, dynamism, warmth and low turnover
  • 150,000 students enrolled in higher education programs. In addition, it is estimated that 3% of the population speaks English (between basic and advanced)

Excellent Telecommunications Platform

  • Open and competitive telecommunications market
  • Guaranteed redundancy telecommunications
  • Local and international communication companies providing a broad spectrum of services at competitive costs

Time Zone

El Salvador shares the same time zone as the central United States (CMT), which means it is six hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The International Services Law grants attractive tax incentives to companies wanting to establish operations in the country

Jessica Bukele
Digital Technologies & BPM Investment Specialist

Edificio World Trade Center, torre I, nivel 5, Colonia Escalón(503) 7071-7020jbukele@proesa.gob.sv