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DELSUR will invest more than $14 million in El Salvador, its largest bet in history

This 2022, DELSUR, a Salvadoran electricity distribution company and part of the EPM Group, plans to invest $14.2 million, which will become the largest investment in the company’s history, informed Carolina Quintero, executive president of DELSUR.

The representative of the distributor assured that this investment will be destined to projects that imply the improvement of the service and technology to digitize the business. In 2021 the company invested $10 million.

The announcement was made this day by the president of the company within the framework of the Sustainability Forum “DELSUR transforming the energy of progress”, where she addressed issues related to the economic, social and environmental efforts that she promotes in her area of ​​operation and presented part of its 2021 Sustainability results.

«The results of the organization at the end of 2021 allow us to see that the company is returning to the path of growth. The foregoing, thanks to the economic recovery of its market and the strategies implemented for productivity, profitability of operations and improvements in process performance,” said Carolina Quintero, executive president of DELSUR.

Within the framework of the sustainable strategy, the company reported that during 2021, its “Rural Electrification Projects” benefited 461 families through 22 rural electrification projects, with an investment of $264,013.91.

In addition, it indicated that it carried out activities focused on the well-being of its collaborators, such as “Vive DELSUR”, has benefited thousands of collaborators with medical examinations and consultations in clinics, psychological and nutritional care, as well as with webinars, advice and educational activities. .

On the other hand, within the framework of environmental care, DELSUR highlighted that it achieved the adequate management of 6,202.91 tons of waste and residues, 55,610 sheets of paper saved, a reduction in its energy consumption of 37,034.08 Kwh in the year in the company’s administrative headquarters , the reduction of emissions avoiding 1,210 tons of CO2.

It also indicated that it has contributed to the conservation of biodiversity by installing 23.92 kilometers of protected cable, 2,511 units of pro-fauna barriers and 13.08 kilometers of conductor cover.

This 2022, DELSUR was also rated as an AAA company. Which, according to Quintero, “shows that we are a company that is working on productivity in profitability, management and risk management, which is being strengthened to better serve our customers,” she added.

Regarding the generation of renewable energies, she indicated that the company is accompanying the country in its commitment to attract investments in the area to produce environmentally friendly and cheaper energies to produce.

“We are (as a country) at levels of 70% renewable energy and that is outstanding at the Latin American level and I think there is a clear policy that we want to grow each time in renewables and we are working on that at DELSUR,” he said.

For his part, the president of the Lempa River Hydroelectric Executive Commission (CEL), Daniel Álvarez, indicated that for the autonomous community, which represents more than 50% of the country’s electricity generation, it is important to work hand in hand with distribution as DELSUR. “We have to work hand in hand for the well-being of the country,” he said.

Likewise, he indicated that “in the part of sustainability we are promoting all renewable energies, looking for a way to reduce the value of electricity generation for the benefit of the final consumer.”