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Consultation sessions are held for the certification of professionals and accreditation of companies in energy efficiency in El Salvador and Panama

These are the first actions to diagnose and define the foundations of a certification scheme. With the support of the cooperation of the EUROCLIMA + program and funds from the European Union executed by the Spanish cooperation agency AECID.

The National Energy Council, as the governing body of the National Energy Policy of El Salvador and promoter and energy efficiency, together with the Secretariat of Energy of Panama, and within the framework of the cooperation granted by EUROCLIMA +, held a day of workshops on Consultation with the main actors of the project “Training for the certification of professionals and the accreditation of companies in energy efficiency in El Salvador and Panama.”

During the virtual meetings, the results of the surveys carried out with said actors were presented with the aim of obtaining greater inputs on the subject of energy efficiency and the certification of individual skills of professionals in the field.

Consultants specializing in energy issues, representatives of training institutions, efficient equipment suppliers, private sector investors, representatives of public institutions and banking entities participated in these workshops.

Energy performance improvements

There is a direct relationship worldwide between the increase in energy consumption and the increase in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. On the other hand, the demand for electricity is increasing, this requires optimizing the final uses of energy.

Measuring the energy performance in an installation is essential to know whether or not an energy waste is taking place, this will allow an organization to establish and propose saving measures that guarantee a direct impact on production costs or on the services provided.

The project seeks to ensure that the professionals who carry out energy audits have the necessary skills to carry out this activity. Currently, the figure of the energy consultant is not defined, in this sense, the certification of people will ensure in an objective and transparent way that they comply with the necessary labor competencies to carry out energy audits.

Program design

The program aims to apply the general guidelines of the ISO / ICE 17024: 2012 standard, with the aim of designing certification schemes, this being the main product that aims to promote a process of certification of competencies in two specialties: industrial processes and in building.

The project also contemplates promoting the accreditation of companies that will have the responsibility of training and accrediting professionals, which will translate into greater confidence for the development of investments in energy efficiency.