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Construction of the Humana tower project begins with an investment of $ 30 million

The developer Calidad Inmobiliaria reaffirms its investment commitment in the country with its third construction project, this time oriented to the health sector, the first two were Avante completed in 2008 and Insigne in 2019.

In this way, the company ensures that it continues to bet on El Salvador, generating employment opportunities and contributing to the economic development of this country.

It is about Humana Centro Médico Integral, a building that will have 20 levels and will be located in the heart of the San Benito neighborhood, in San Salvador. At the moment it is in the first phase of construction and its developers expect to deliver it in the third quarter of 2023.

The commitment of this concept is to meet the needs of the medical sector in one place, offering an architecture specially designed for the work of the sector, with functional spaces, geographical accessibility and security.

The country manager of Real Estate Quality, Gloria Navarro, explained that the building seeks to generate differentiation in the traditional constructions destined for the health union.

“Real Estate Quality is very concerned with conceptualization, location and innovation and we believe that Humana is going to be a concept aimed at visionary people,” Navarro said.

With this vision, the Guatemalan company projects an approximate investment of $ 30 million and a generation of 500 direct jobs, 450 indirect jobs and 400 permanent jobs.

The millionaire bet that was launched in October 2019 was maintained despite the impact of COVID-19, Navarro said.

 “Despite having passed this pandemic, we have fought. We have fed back and reprogrammed all of our work schedules and our planning has been focused on giving a better project and hand in hand with this new normal ”, he stated.

The building, which will be the first in the country to house in a single place different medical specialties in a non-hospital space and other related services, will have innovative spaces for specialists and patients.

Of the 20 levels to be built, nine will be for clinics, one for specialized centers, one for businesses related to health and amenities, and one more where related corporate offices such as pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, medical equipment, among others, and 10 levels can be installed. for parking.

The tower’s amenities are one of the main differentiating bets, among them: a multipurpose outdoor terrace, a ‘lunch facility’ and waiting rooms on each level accessible to all users.

It is striking that 10 of the levels are intended for parking with a capacity for 500 vehicles with differentiated spaces for visitors and users, which seeks to facilitate access and also contribute to not increasing the problem of the capital’s park.

Thanks to this innovative offer, the project already has 50% reserves and the form of commercialization will be sale, and it will not be possible for investors to offer leases.

“All the doctors who have already booked believe that they are visionaries, very high profile, very committed to their profession and we want to contribute a little to all that effort and passion,” Navarro assured.

Humana, unlike its sister projects Avante and Insigne. which were a second edition of similar projects built in Guatemala, is a pioneering construction commitment by Calidad Inmobiliaria.

“This is the first Real Estate Quality project aimed at the medical union, we are very happy that El Salvador is taking the lead in this new real estate development”, concluded the executive.