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CEPA inaugurates Acajutla Pre-Port and new facilities in this port area

The authorities of the Comisión Ejecutiva Portuaria Autónoma (CEPA) inaugurated the facilities of the Acajutla Pre-Port and access #1 to the port area, as part of the projects to streamline the flow of cargo in this important area for export and import to El Salvador.

According to CEPA’s president, Federico Anliker, the construction of the Acajutla Pre-Port will speed up the cargo reception and dispatch processes, facilitating trade and making the Salvadoran economy more competitive.

“With this modernization work we have increased efficiency in the inbound flows to load and withdraw containers, thus decreasing waiting times. This allows us to integrate the scanning process of 100% of export containers, in the Pre-Port services platform,” he said.

“We also built a user service office for the generation of documentation inherent to CEPA, for import, export and transit container operations”, he added.

Anliker detailed that the new infrastructure has a perifoneo system, 38 security cameras, 2 vehicular access bridges, security control booth and others. He also explained that, prior to the entry of heavy transport drivers to the facilities, it will be possible to verify the documentation to manage import or export operations.

For her part, the director of Customs, Samadhy Martínez, added that “we are going to develop other areas of improvement, we are betting on economic growth”. “Today, the carrier will not have to get out of the port to process documents,” she also commented.

These new facilities at the Port of Acajutla and the inauguration of the Pre-Port are measures that will boost the Salvadoran economy and provide greater speed in the flow of cargo, in order to make El Salvador and its port area one of the most efficient in the region.