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Camtex donates 108,000 medical supplies to the health system

Some 100,000 masks, 3,000 insulating goggles and 5,000 quilts or blankets, make up the first part of the donation made by member companies of the Chamber of the Textile Industry, Clothing and Free Zones (CAMTEX) to the Government.


The supplies will be given in different deliveries to the Government of El Salvador so that they can be distributed in the places where they currently need to have the necessary resources to face the effects of the pandemic.


The products were made by 100% Salvadoran hands in companies such as Intradeco and Textufil, always under the protection and biosafety standards required to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


The medical gabachas they donate represent the first innovation in the textile and clothing industry in the country, since knitted fabric has been used for their preparation.


The local textile industry owns the entire production chain at the local level, the creation begins from the manufacture of yarn (fiber), weaving, dyeing, ready-made, finished; all made by national operators.


“The above is the best example of how the textile and clothing sector can be reconverted to support the country and the world in this situation since gabachas will also be exported to the United States to supply the demand they require in that country. This input has Level 1, approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the United States), which were prepared in just 12 days by Intradeco and Textufil, “the union said in a statement.


The gabachas that are oriented to protect health personnel are waterproof, reusable, can be washed and their functionality is to avoid the spread of COVID-19.


“As Camtex we reiterate that we are committed to our country and to the Government; for this reason, we seek the necessary approaches to help, to the best of our ability, and thus move El Salvador forward, ”stated Mauricio Rodríguez, representative of Camtex.


Since the sanitary emergency decree due to COVID-19, the companies affiliated to Camtex have complied with the provisions of the Government and have sought alternatives to support in different ways. Some companies have reconverted their production, in order to develop products that allow them to face the emergency and thus keep the jobs of their collaborators.


Camtex brings together companies in the textile industry that generate more than 40% of the country’s exports and more than 80,000 direct jobs, which in turn energizes other industries such as plastics, cardboard, transportation, among others.