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Applaudo Studios increases 45 % of its employees in El Salvador

The high-tech softwaredeveloper Applaudo Studios closed a contract with the construction company Urbánica for the opening of a new facility with capacity for more than 1,500 Salvadoran employees.

The extension of the facilities is due to the 45% increase in the number of employees reported by the company as of last June. The second facility will be located on the third level of Estación del Casco in San Salvador and has 5,400 square meters and adds to the objective of continuing to generate high value-added jobs.

“We have demonstrated that from El Salvador we can create cutting-edge technology for the best customers in developed markets and we are excited to close a contract with Urbánica to continue our growth with a second center of operations in the country, which will allow us to continue with our commitment to create more employment opportunities,” said the co-founder of Applaudo Studios, Darwin Romero.

“The forecasts are to close 2021 with a staff of 800 employees, while maintaining its training programs for young people” said the co-founder of the software company, José Giammattei.

Along the same lines, the vice-president of Urbánica, Alberto Dueñas, expressed his satisfaction with the alliance with the technology company.

“We are proud of the contribution we provide to the country with the development of our projects and today we are part of the growth of Applaudo Studios and actively contribute to the generation of jobs and the growth of the economy,” he said.

Applaudo Studios was born eight years ago, being a pioneer in the export of software development for web and mobile platforms from its headquarters in San Salvador and with operations in 17 countries in Latin America.