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Applaudo Studios Announces 100 New Jobs

The company continues to develop despite the Covid-19 crisis. Its client portfolio already includes Walmart in the US and companies from the Tesla mutual fund. This year alone it added 20 new clients.

The crisis has had positive effects on some industries, especially those supported by the digital economy.

The technology sector reports exponential growth in the last five months, where the impact of ecommerce sales penetration has reached growth of 10 years in just three months in the United States market.

This panorama has benefited firms in the sector in markets such as El Salvador, where software and applications manufacturers operate.

The demand for software development is projected to grow steadily and considerably.

At the beginning of the current pandemic, Applaudo Studios made the decision to work 100% remotely, a modality that it will maintain indefinitely, which allows it to keep operations 100% active and without interruptions.

“Our first task was to protect the health of all the members of our work teams, protecting their physical integrity was paramount. We went to work 100% remote before the preventive quarantine was instituted. Then, we made sure to stay 100% from home, thank God we were able to execute both premises ” company representatives stated.

The strategy allowed them to sustain their growth plan and capitalize on opportunities. In the midst of the pandemic, the technology company capitalized on this demand for services and hired more than 100 additional employees.

“Even though we have had clients impacted in the midst of the pandemic, we have been able to grow with clients that we already had, and in addition we have closed contracts with more than 20 additional clients in 2020. Thank God, we have the privilege of working with companies from like Bain & Company, Walmart USA, The Miami Heat, companies from the Tesla investment fund, which continue to lead the way in digital matters.

All contracts are for the 100% remote work modality, from its profiling processes, interviews, tests and entry to the company.

We will continue with a highly aggressive expansion plan. Not only have we created more than 100 permanent jobs in the midst of the pandemic, we currently have more than 10 types of positions open that allow us to continue creating job opportunities at an accelerated pace. We are going to create more than 100 additional positions in the coming months, here in El Salvador ” company representatives said.

Applaudo has an aggressive talent training scholarship program and another talent referral program, which ensures an agile and precise recruitment process, which results in training human talent and finding potential candidates through the same organization.

Applaudo Studios is known as a leading and benchmark company in the field of software development and it has consolidated a successful business model that has allowed it to have numerous national recognitions for its work with clients located in the US and Latin America.