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ANDA facilitates the payment of water service Through the Tigo Money platform

The president of the National Administration of Aqueducts and Sewers (ANDA), Rubén Alemán, together with the executive director of Tigo Money, Daniel Barrientos, announced the launch of a new payment channel through the Tigo Money platform.

This channel will facilitate the electronic payment of drinking water service to thousands of people nationwide, both in urban and rural areas.

As part of this strategic alliance, our users will be able to go to the nearest Tigo Money point and cancel their drinking water bills in an easy, fast and safe way.

This is an alternative that will benefit more than 280 thousand Salvadoran families, who will be able to pay their bills electronically, without contact, without requiring transfers or incurring risks or expenses.

Similarly, the sector of the population that is not part of the banking system will be favored. Likewise, in order to standardize the 22 commercial agencies throughout the country, two specialized service windows were opened in the agency located in the Plaza Mundo Soyapango shopping center. The first will address complaints about shortages of water resources and the second will address complaints related to billing.

With these efforts, the institution advances towards the modernization and digitization of commercial operations, as well as reaffirming the commitment to offer services and solutions to the Salvadoran population, framed within the axis of innovation, technology and development.


About Tigo Money

Since 2011, Tigo Money has innovated in the way of accessing mobile financial services in El Salvador, bringing digital financial services through technology to those who have traditionally been excluded. Tigo Money was born in June 2011 as the only mobile financial services tool that could be managed from the cell phone, it already has its second year as an Electronic Money Provider Society authorized by the Superintendency of the Financial System and with nine years of operations in the country.

The Tigo Money service is regulated by the Central Reserve Bank and supervised by the Superintendency of the Financial System. Mobile financial services like Tigo Money are safe and fast.