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We offer good conditions to develop agribusinesses due to its location in the tropics and diversity of micro-climates. El Salvador offers an ideal location for the production and processing of food, as well as to address specific market niches that go beyond the traditional agricultural industries. Additionally, its proximity to high consumption markets facilitates the export of these products.

Álvaro Moreno
Agribusiness sector specialist

Email: alvaro.moreno@investelsalvador.com
Mobile: +503 7071-7041

Key facts

Advantages of investing in El Salvador

  • Suitable climatic (temperature and altitude) and soil conditions to grow ornamental plants and fruits.
  • Availability of water resources
  • Important fiscal incentives provided by the Free Zones Law, for the following products: Maritime species, Greenhouse and laboratory flora species, Reptiles and amphibians
  • Complimentary industries such as containers, packaging, and process technologies, among others.
  • Proximity to the biggest consumer market for agroindustry products (United States).

Investment Opportunities

  • Ornamental plants: El Salvador has the right ecological and climate conditions for year- round harvest, meeting the supply-demand needs. There are opportunity niches of rooted cuttings to be produced at destination and high-value tropical flowers.
  • Aquaculture: El Salvador enjoys biodiversity and stock of marine species, availability of industrial and artisan fishing fleet, appropriate climate for aquaculture and other advantages that offer opportunities for the extraction and processing of non-traditional fishery products and of large pelagic, as well as continental and marine aquaculture.
  • Crops: The main advantage of the country are the microclimates to produce crops all year round. Likewise, it has the capacity to develop organic crops.


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