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AES invests $ 5.2 million in a solar power plant

AES inaugurated a photovoltaic solar power plant with an installed capacity of 5.2 megawatts (MWp), with an investment of $ 5.2 million.

The “Opico Power” project will generate energy equivalent to the consumption of 11,000 homes and will be dispatched through the distribution company CLESA, which is also part of the AES Group, with whom it has signed a contract. It will also reduce an estimated 2,371 tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

“The start-up of ‘Opico Power’ constitutes a new strategic investment for AES, with the aim of continuing to contribute to the diversification of the energy matrix and accelerating the future of energy,” said Abraham Bichara, executive president of AES El Salvador.

The plant has 12,834 solar panels in an area of ​​50,000 square meters, in addition to 24 inverters.

“This plant was built during the pandemic. The electricity sector did not stop and the AES company was no exception,” added Bichara and reported that they have already started with the construction of another photovoltaic project that will be in Santa Ana and will have a capacity of 14 MWp.

AES also has other investment plans such as the introduction of 11 electric vehicles for its own use and the installation of charging stations, with which they hope to generate interest in the population in this type of technology.

AES has carried out several energy projects, including Bosphorus, a set of ten 10 MWp solar plants that together will add up to 100 MWp and an investment of $ 160 million.

El Salvador in recent years has diversified its generation matrix and has incorporated more renewable resources.

Until October 18, photovoltaic solar energy represented 9.4% of what was generated in the year. The hydroelectric plants are the ones that have injected the most, with 34.9% of the total, according to the National Energy Council (CNE).