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Aeroman develops mechanical ventilators for patients with pulmonary diseases

Aeroman, the aeronautical maintenance company, reported Monday that they are working on two prototypes of mechanical ventilators to assist patients with pulmonary diseases. Both respirators have been under constant control by the Ministry of Health.
“We are verifying if Aeroman are ready to make Little versions that can be moved and located in a better way, if these are adaptations for covid-19 ambulances, in order to can be moved in a simple way, as well for the hospital network, and have a semi industrial production.” Explained Presidential Commissioner for Strategic Projects, Luis Rodríguez.
Rodríguez reported that Aeroman has also created sanitation cabins and one will be donated to the San Rafael de Santa Tecla National Hospital. 
“It was decided to manufacture this cabin in order to that the suit of the health personnel could be completely disinfected after caring to the patients,” said Aeroman workshop manager Luis Funes.