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4.1 million Salvadorans can now surf 10 times faster on Tigo’s 4.5G LTE network

Tigo El Salvador successfully completed its mobile internet network modernization plan, which consisted of deploying LTE 4.5G for the first time in the country and expanding its LTE 4G network. The project was carried out in 202 municipalities of the 14 departments of the country, benefiting 4.6 million Salvadorans with more coverage and faster mobile browsing speeds.


Thanks to the deployment of its 4.5G LTE network, now 4.1 million Salvadorans from 154 municipalities in the country can now navigate 10 times faster. At the same time, 104 municipalities were impacted with more coverage, going from 3G to LTE 4G, benefiting 5.5 million Salvadorans. Thanks to the project, Tigo covered 83% of the Salvadoran territory with 4G LTE technology.


With the modernization of the Tigo network, the navigation experience of Salvadorans has been considerably improved, not only in 100% of the main cities of the country but also in the interior. For example, 84% of the inhabitants of San Miguel already have this new network available to be able to navigate 10 times faster.


According to the OOKLA speed ranking, between April and June of this year, the country advanced 18 places in its world position. In addition, in its May report, El Salvador was the fourth fastest growing country in the world ranking, climbing 13 positions in one month. These months coincide with the months in which Tigo carried out the ignition of its LTE 4.5G network.


“They have been months of great challenges, however, today we can proudly say that, after seven months of intense work, between storms and pandemics, we are delivering a high-speed mobile network to El Salvador that will support the digital transformation of Salvadorans and the resurgence of our country in this stage of economic reactivation. We were the first telecommunications operator to bring mobile telephony to the country, we have also been the first to turn on LTE 4.5G technology, consolidating our mobile network as the fastest, the most stable and the largest in the country. This reflects Tigo’s strategic vision as the largest convergent operator in Central America”, expressed Tigo El Salvador CEO Edgard Grande.


The delivery of this new network comes at a key moment for economic reactivation, directly supporting the competitiveness and development of El Salvador. People, companies and governments can now make use of the network and take advantage of the fact that at least 100 critical points for tourism, infrastructure and commerce in the country have been modernized, among these beaches, lakes, shopping centers, roads, tourist towns, among others.


This deployment and modernization of the new network is the result of Tigo’s commitment to the progress of the country, and has been possible thanks to the support of the General Superintendency of Electricity and Telecommunications (SIGET), which played a fundamental role in having the spectrum auctioned. necessary radioelectric, with which the company managed to enable this new experience for Salvadorans.


“It is incredible to think that just a year ago we did not even have the necessary spectrum to make the investment in our network, however, thanks to the strategic vision that the General Superintendence of Electricity and Telecommunications (SIGET) has had, the auction of spectrum we needed and enabled us to invest and modernize our network. From Tigo we motivate all sectors to make the most of this new network and take our country to the next level”, added Grande.


Customers moving through 4.5G coverage areas with eligible devices and an LTE chip will automatically be able to enjoy the experience at no additional cost on their consumer plans. This technology allows applications to work faster, download more information in less time, as well as videos to be viewed faster, with higher quality and resolution.


About TIGO El Salvador


Tigo is the trademark of the Millicom company that has been present in the country since 1992 when it invested in Telemóvil de El Salvador. It is currently ranked # 1 in the country in mobile technology services and offers comprehensive digital services such as mobile voice communications, cable television, high-speed internet and mobile financial services to more than 45% of the population. Over the next five years, the company will invest 500 million dollars in digital infrastructure for the country, having a strong focus on the development of its 4.5G LTE network, consolidating its leadership in the telecommunications industry in El Salvador.